Kevin & Teresa Sharp – Huntington, AR

“Dear Mr. Bill Copher I would like to express my thanks for all of your assistance in my boat buying venture. I am very appreciative of you taking the time to tour all the family members through the boat before we purchased it. We had their vote of confidence in buying the boat. You went above the call Thursday, by delivering the boat to the lake so that I could surprise my friends from Raleigh, North Carolina. They were actually shocked. They wanted to know how you persuaded Teresa into buying a boat. Even with the rain all weekend, they said that they had a great time, but I think that really came Thursday night when you grilled for us on your boat. It was the best meal and most relaxing time we had all weekend. By far, the BEST EXPERIENCE, I have ever had buying an item and I have bought a dozen homes in my life time. Ronnie, Derek, David, your sons, and everyone else we encountered on this venture were just great people to work with. Sincerely Thankful, Kevin and Teresa Sharp”

Overall Rating: 5 Stars