“Everyone was very welcoming when we arrived at Cophers at Ft. smith Ar. The boat we purchased was ready to be hooked to my truck and very well explained to. All the paperwork was ready when we arrived. We would highly recommend Cophers to anyone as a top line dealership and very professional Employees. Thanks to Cody Copher and his father for our welcome.” Overall Rating: 5 Stars
“Wow!!! I would greatly recommend Cophers for your boating needs. I wanted to see Triton Bass Boats, and upon my arrival I was greated by Bill. He showed me the boats they had in stock. I never did feel pressured. I told Bill I wanted to think things through. He said if I had any questions feel free to call. A couple of weeks later I showed back up and meet Justin and told him that I had been there a couple of weeks earlier, and that I wanted to see the boats again. I wanted to make sure of the quality of boat I wanted to buy. I then told Justin that I had to do some more thinking. Most dealers at this point would be putting the pressure on to buy, but not Justin. He treated me with the same respect that Bill had showed me. They allowed me the opportunity to really think things through. About two more weeks passed and my wife and I showed back up to Cophers, I had a few more questions and Justin answered them. Justin, Bill, and the entire staff made my buying experience of a Triton Pro 18, a true pleasure! I would recommend Cophers to anyone that has a boating need. Also my hat is off to the Triton & Mercury Teams! Thanks agin.” Overall Rating: 5 Stars
“Cody was great. There were no hidden costs and everything was “up front and honest” about the whole deal. They treated my wife and I as if we were family. I would buy and will buy again from Copher’s!” Overall Rating: 5 Stars
“Just wanted to say it was an enjoyment to buy a Suncruiser tri-toon from you. We have really enjoyed it on lake Ouachita this summer. You gave us a great deal on our trade and the salesman and staff were great. Bill helped prop the boat and set it up. I would recommend them if you are looking for a boat of any kind.” Overall Rating: 5 Stars
“I am writing to tell you how pleased I was with your service department. My boat was in for service last week and David and all the service department were very professional, timely and made me feel like they were taking care of everything. When I came to pick up the boat, one of the mechanics volunteered to show me the impeller he had replaced. For him to volunteer, gave me a sense of trust. And, to see that the impeller did in fact need to be replaced, let me know that the work was not done needlessly. The other mechanic volunteered to switch the ball on my receiver so that the boat would trailer better. Another example of the service department going above and beyond in the name of service. Everyone thanked me, and the mechanic’s said ‘we appreciate your business’. What a home run, and a way to show that you guys don’t take customers for granted. Thanks again, and keep up the good work. Kevin Crawford.” Overall Rating: 5 Stars
“Thanks to Justin, Bill and Ronnie for everything they did during my first boat purchase. Justin was very knowledgeable and willing to answer all questions my wife and I had about the boat. We purchased a Triton VT 17 which I’ve enjoyed greatly. Ronnie explained the operations of everything when I picked it up and left me feeling very comfortable about all aspects of how it was to work when I put it in the water for the first time. Every part of my experience of the purchase was great I felt very at ease with everyone I dealt with during the purchase.” Overall Rating: 5 Stars
“Dear Mr. Bill Copher I would like to express my thanks for all of your assistance in my boat buying venture. I am very appreciative of you taking the time to tour all the family members through the boat before we purchased it. We had their vote of confidence in buying the boat. You went above the call Thursday, by delivering the boat to the lake so that I could surprise my friends from Raleigh, North Carolina. They were actually shocked. They wanted to know how you persuaded Teresa into buying a boat. Even with the rain all weekend, they said that they had a great time, but I think that really came Thursday night when you grilled for us on your boat. It was the best meal and most relaxing time we had all weekend. By far, the BEST EXPERIENCE, I have ever had buying an item and I have bought a dozen homes in my life time. Ronnie, Derek, David, your sons, and everyone else we encountered on this venture were just great people to work with. Sincerely Thankful, Kevin and Teresa Sharp” Overall Rating: 5 Stars
“Buying my new boat has been a very pleasant experience. Everyone at Cophers was very cordial and very friendly from the moment I made my first phone call with questions. I was expecting the typical “car salesman” approach but nothing could be further from the fact at Cophers. Nice people and easy to talk with. I am thoroughly impressed and excited about finding such a down home friendly atmosphere at their Dealership. Thanks to all and I will speak highly of you to all my friends. Dan May” Overall Rating: 5 Stars
“Many thanks to Bill, Justin, Ronnie and everyone at Copher’s Boat Center for their help over the years. Ronnie has kept all my old boats running for many years for which I am very thankful. After Copher’s found me the right boat, a slightly used Triton we made a great deal on a great boat. Have a Blessed Summer. Gary R” Overall Rating: 5 Stars
“I would like to thank Bill and Justin and the crew at Copher’s. They worked extensively with me in ordering my new special order Triton 1860 SC. I gave my old boat to my son and I am still amazed with the excellent fuel economy my new Mercury gets. Thanks Copher’s for all of your support!” Overall Rating: 5 Stars
“I would just like to thank Bill, Justin, Ronnie, David and all of the staff at Copher’s for the most amazing service I have ever recieved. Being a first time buyer of a boat I had no clue and everyone from my first visit to the showroom made me and my wife feel at ease and they were able to answer everything we asked. We cannot thank Bill, Justin and all the staff enough for their time, patience and effort they all put into our first boating experience. Also the boat runs like a dream and I am looking forward to the time when I return to Copher’s to upgrade in a couple of years. Thanks Geoff Johnson” Overall Rating: 5 Stars
“I bought my first boat from Copher’s in 1989. They knew boats then and they still know boats. Just ask Bill a question and watch him answer, no head scratching, just good honest answers. The service department is very knowledgeable and Ronnie is the best in my book. I like doing business with good people,and they are very good people. Happy customer!” Overall Rating: 5 Stars
“I would like to Thank Justin and all the other Cophers staff. Our family loves our new Crownline 252EX. Simply the best buying experience, best price,and highest quality boat any one could ask for. I will be a return customer and will refer my friends and family.” Overall Rating: 5 Stars
“The whole staff at Copher’s was very nice to us and very professional. Would recommend highly. Thanks Bill and Justin” Overall Rating: 5 Stars
“Originally, I was just looking to change to a dealer closer than my Champion dealer in Oklahoma. However, I’ve purchased 2 Tritons from Copher’s and the experience has been without comparison. They really care about how your boating experience is going and you can call and get advice if needed. I had a problem with my first boat the first week that I owned it and I was in a tournament and Bill Copher loaned me his personal boat to use for the week. You’re always treated like a friend.” Overall Rating: 5 Stars